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Take a look at our most recent adventures! We love to travel and chase sunsets along the way.

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Sunflower Sessions!

Yes, it’s winter now and I am finally getting around to blogging!

Every year I watch for the sunflowers to bloom. It always means that summer is in full swing. And yes, the hot bright sun is tough to shoot in but some of us just can’t help ourselves 🙂 Here’s a few favs from the 2021 sunflower season at Lynd Farm.

Engaged! Angela & Drew

Flowers blooming in German Village, golden light through the historic buildings, and a swing set….all for Drew and Angela. What a beautiful evening for an engagement session! Loved running around town with them and finding new spots along the way. It’s funny how you can be in the same area so many times yet see things in a new light with each couple.

Looking forward to a beautiful wedding day with Angela and Drew in 2022!!

McKenna & Dennis (and a little Star Wars:)

We knew we were going to have a lot of fun with Dennis and McKenna when they said they were bringing light sabers to the wedding! If you all know anything about our family, you know that we are first in line for Star Wars movies and have been known to dress in costume for sci-fi conventions 🙂

McKenna and Dennis have so much love for each other and their family members. Even McKenna’s pup made an appearance…bowtie and all. Also, shout out to Botanica Flowers for the beautiful floral arrangements and providing a towel to dry the stems with. Such a thought gesture!

Wishing McKenna and Dennis many years of fun and happiness!

Madeline & Cory’s wedding in Nana’s yard

Madeline contacted me via email and we bonded over our love of nature. We didn’t meet in person till the day of the wedding which was held in her Nana’s backyard. Both her and Cory made us feel instantly at home. The whole family was so kind and welcoming that we felt like we were taking photos with old friends.

It was a perfect fall day. The colors were in full bloom and the flowers by Orchard Lane complimented the natural surroundings. They had dinner catered by Can’t Believe It’s Vegan…..and I was in food heaven 🙂 They said their vows in front of close family and friends while Nana officiated.

Thank you, Madeline and Cory, for having us! Truly a pleasure.

In-home family session

It’s been so great shooting these in-home family sessions! The kids have fun, feel comfortable, and it’s real life! I’m thankful for everyone that invites me into their little space in this world to capture the small but important moments.

Liz and Anthony get MARRIED!

I could write a long story about how much we have enjoyed getting to know Liz and Anthony over the last few years. Their patience and kindness is outstanding! They reached out to us in 2018 to shoot their 2020 wedding. Of course, we all know how 2020 went. But in between, we had a fun engagement session with them and another shoot on the day of their original wedding date. When October 2021 rolled around, we couldn’t have been more happy to watch them finally get to celebrate their special day the way they wanted!

Anthony & Liz….Wishing you all the great things in life and tons of adventure along the way 🙂

Best Friends Session- Kenna & Jadyn

Best Friends, Jadyn & Kenna, wanted a photo shoot to remember this special time in their lives. Their love of nature, coffee shops, and being silly brings them together. I had sooo much fun with this session! These 2 real life rays of sunshine brightened my day and maybe their playfulness will brighten yours also 🙂

Chicago Wedding-Markus & Lindsay

We were so thankful Lindsay and Markus asked us to travel to Chicago for their wedding! It was quite the adventure and we had so much fun seeing the city through their eyes. The boats that would go by on the river would cheer for them as they saw them taking their wedding photos. It felt like the whole city was celebrating Markus & Lindsay 🙂

Patrick & Katelyn’s Wedding

We met Katelyn and Patrick in person for the first time on their wedding day and were greeted with warmth and smiles! That set the tone for the entire day. I love how we started getting ready photos at her parent’s home. It always feels so right to see a family bustling around their own house on such a special day.

From there we headed to the church on a trolley. The bubble exit after the ceremony was so pretty. I love it when all the guests put their heart and soul into bubble blowing 🙂

Tartan Fields was the reception location. Kendra is the coordinator at the club and always does a fantastic job keeping things moving. We were able to take the whole wedding party around the course and still have time for photos of just Katelyn and Patrick. The wildlife is abundant, too….ducks, deer, and herons.

The celebration continued as heartfelt speeches were given and lovely first dances were danced. And if the cake wasn’t already pretty enough, they added their dog, Frankie, taking a bite out of the cake as a decoration.

A wonderful day indeed and we are SO happy to have shared it with such a sweet couple and their family and friends!

Caleb & Denim’s Wedding

What a privilege to share Denim and Caleb’s special day with them in Hocking Hills. We met them for the first time the day of the wedding and all I can say is what a wonderful experience it was! Everyone was so nice and the little cabin spot for the ceremony was lovely. Afterwards we headed up to Ash Cave for a few minutes. The heat didn’t stop us all from walking all the way to the cave to see the waterfall. I am so glad they were willing to do so because it will be one of my treasured wedding memories 🙂