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Take a look at our most recent adventures! We love to travel and chase sunsets along the way.

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Dylan! Senior Pictures

My nephew, Dylan, is a Senior this year! We had so much fun on this little photo session. He loves art, photography, and comic books so that’s what he brought along for his pics. I can’t wait to see what he settles on later in life but he’s got the art inside him 🙂

Engaged! Savannah & Nic

A beautiful October day for Savannah & Nic’s engagement session! I love it when the yellow and red colors combine with the left over summer greens. They brought along their ‘full of life’ pup and it was hilarious to watch her run circles around them 🙂

Looking forward to sharing October again with them this year!

Fall Family Sessions

It took me some time but I gathered a few photos from a bunch of last Fall’s outdoor sessions. It was so fun to just mix them up in no particular order and see all the different backdrops that nature provides. Usually Fall sessions start at the end of September and go through the end of November. This year they extended all the way into the first part of December. I am so thankful for everyone that lets me get out in nature with them and just be silly 🙂

Senior Pictures-Kenna

Kenna said she loved nature and wildflowers…I said, “ME, TOO”…and so began our friendship 🙂 Here’s just a few favs from her senior session this past fall.

Newborn-In home sessions

It’s such a gift to be invited into a family’s home to document memories. Those first couple weeks with a newborn are so special! It’s easy to include siblings and fur siblings 🙂 in the photos while staying cozy and warm inside. I love an in-home session!!

Engaged! Alicia & Forrest

I love it when nature brings people together. In this case, with Alicia and Forrest, we found Inniswoods Gardens to be in peak beauty. The September light along with the deep greens and evening sunset made for a perfect engagement session! And somehow they matched their clothes to the surroundings. Loved it!!

Looking foward to a colorful outdoor wedding with them in 2022!!

Engaged! Jayde & Austin

German Village was filled with bubbles, laughs, and cocktails for Jayde and Austin’s engagement session! If any couple brings a bubble shooter to their engagement session, I know we are a good fit 🙂 I had so much fun with them and can’t wait till their 2022 wedding!

Sunflower Sessions!

Yes, it’s winter now and I am finally getting around to blogging!

Every year I watch for the sunflowers to bloom. It always means that summer is in full swing. And yes, the hot bright sun is tough to shoot in but some of us just can’t help ourselves 🙂 Here’s a few favs from the 2021 sunflower season at Lynd Farm.

Engaged! Angela & Drew

Flowers blooming in German Village, golden light through the historic buildings, and a swing set….all for Drew and Angela. What a beautiful evening for an engagement session! Loved running around town with them and finding new spots along the way. It’s funny how you can be in the same area so many times yet see things in a new light with each couple.

Looking forward to a beautiful wedding day with Angela and Drew in 2022!!

McKenna & Dennis (and a little Star Wars:)

We knew we were going to have a lot of fun with Dennis and McKenna when they said they were bringing light sabers to the wedding! If you all know anything about our family, you know that we are first in line for Star Wars movies and have been known to dress in costume for sci-fi conventions 🙂

McKenna and Dennis have so much love for each other and their family members. Even McKenna’s pup made an appearance…bowtie and all. Also, shout out to Botanica Flowers for the beautiful floral arrangements and providing a towel to dry the stems with. Such a thought gesture!

Wishing McKenna and Dennis many years of fun and happiness!