Patrick & Katelyn’s Wedding

We met Katelyn and Patrick in person for the first time on their wedding day and were greeted with warmth and smiles! That set the tone for the entire day. I love how we started getting ready photos at her parent’s home. It always feels so right to see a family bustling around their own house on such a special day.

From there we headed to the church on a trolley. The bubble exit after the ceremony was so pretty. I love it when all the guests put their heart and soul into bubble blowing 🙂

Tartan Fields was the reception location. Kendra is the coordinator at the club and always does a fantastic job keeping things moving. We were able to take the whole wedding party around the course and still have time for photos of just Katelyn and Patrick. The wildlife is abundant, too….ducks, deer, and herons.

The celebration continued as heartfelt speeches were given and lovely first dances were danced. And if the cake wasn’t already pretty enough, they added their dog, Frankie, taking a bite out of the cake as a decoration.

A wonderful day indeed and we are SO happy to have shared it with such a sweet couple and their family and friends!